About the company

Dr. Helsey is the exclusive representative of TM Healthyclopedia in Ukraine, which has proven to be a reliable and efficient partner in the market since 2013. The company's activities are based on the formation and support of the global trend of "healthy lifestyle."

The product range includes more than 40 SKUs of innovative, high quality and consumer-friendly consumer products.

The company regularly launches new biologically active drugs for internal and external use, each of which targets the prevention and resolution of a wide range of health problems.

By analyzing market demand and cutting-edge health advances, Dr. Helsey is continually improving its product portfolio. Develops and markets new products that are always in demand by the consumer.

We actively cooperate with national distributors and retailers of pharmacies in Ukraine. Such as: LLC Venta LTD, OPTIMA-PHARM LLC, BADM Ltd, Pharmacy Nizky Tsin, TAS-Pharma, Med-service, Rouen and many others.